Former Democratic Palm Beach County mayor endorses Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ re-election bid

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis collected another endorsement for re-election on Tuesday. 

Palm Beach County Commissioner Dave Kerner announced he is planning on backing DeSantis’ bid to return to the governor’s mansion in November. 

‘I’m very proud that you felt that my endorsement was worthy of acceptance,’ Kerner said during a Palm Beach County Police Benvolent Association meeting. ‘This was not a difficult choice for me. This was not the proverbial ‘lesser of two evils.” 

DeSantis’ campaign announced the endorsement Tuesday afternoon. 

‘Florida is a law-and-order state because we put the safety of Floridians first and we stand up for law enforcement and reject the Left’s anti-police movement,’ DeSantis said in a statement. ‘We are focused on protecting victims and not coddling criminals, and no one knows that better than Dave, who served Florida’s communities. Commissioner Kerner knows first-hand the threat of the Defund the Police movement and understands the important role that our local law enforcement officers play in keeping Florida safe.’ 

Kerner, a Democrat, was Palm Beach County’s mayor for two terms and is now on the Board of County Commissioners. 

Palm Beach County is the third-largest county in the state and one of the remaining blue counties in the state. In 2020, President Biden won 56% of the votes in the county. 

Tuesday’s endorsement isn’t the first time the Democrat has made headlines for allying himself with the governor. 

After an explosive ’60 Minutes’ report that accused DeSantis of engaging in a ‘pay-for-play’ scheme early on in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, Kerner said the reporting was ‘intentionally false.’ 

Kerner’s office did not respond to requests for comment from Fox News Digital. 

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