WH adviser Keisha Lance Bottoms says ‘MAGA Republicans’ want to ‘destroy the United States of America’

White House adviser Keisha Lance Bottom continued the Biden administration’s pattern of attacking ‘MAGA Republicans’ and claiming that followers of former President Donald Trump are a threat to the country.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart on ‘The Sunday Show,’ Bottoms claimed that Democrats, Republicans, and independents should all be concerned about this threat.

‘There is a MAGA Republican agenda that gives no consideration to the rule of law, that has no respect for a woman’s right to choose, that wants to defund the FBI,’ she said. ‘There is a MAGA Republican agenda that thought that it was okay to attack our nation’s Capitol on January 6.’

For weeks, highlighted by President Biden’s polarizing speech in Philadelphia, he and his administration have danced on the line of claiming that they were only referring to a segment of the Republican Party while also painting the GOP as a whole with broad strokes by stating that they were being taken over by MAGA Republicans.


‘Not every Republican, not even the majority of Republicans, are MAGA Republicans. Not every Republican embraces their extreme ideology,’ Biden said in his Philadelphia speech. Two sentences later, he said, ‘But there is no question that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven, and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans, and that is a threat to this country.’

Capehart observed that Biden’s administration has taken ‘a tough line … against Republicans writ large,’ and asked Bottoms if they would ‘keep hammering away at that phrase’ heading toward November’s election.


‘Well, I think it will be important for all of us who care about the United States of America to call out what we see,’ said Bottoms, the former mayor of Atlanta. ‘And what we see, again, with this MAGA Republican agenda is an effort to disrupt our democracy. So whether it be through November and beyond November, I think it will always be important to call out any effort there is to destroy, essentially destroy the United States of America.’

Bottoms went on to say that ‘President Biden has been very clear’ about wanting ‘to work in a bipartisan effort’ but blamed Trump supporters for standing in the way, claiming that they have an ‘agenda that no respect for the Constitution’ or ‘for free and fair elections.’ 


Without stating exactly what that agenda is, Bottoms declared that ‘it is important for all of us, not just the president, not just me, for all of us to call it out for what it is.’

‘It is a danger to our democracy,’ she said. ‘It is a danger to our way of life.’

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