Abortion ranks 7th as most important issue to Latino voters, behind economy and border: poll

While Democrats are focusing on abortion as a winning strategy going into the midterm elections, issues like inflation, jobs and the border are of more importance to Latino voters, a new poll has found.

A survey of 1,000 Latino registered voters, conducted by NBC News and Telemundo, found that only 5% believe abortion is the ‘most important issue facing the country.’

Issues that concern Latino voters the most, according the poll, is the ‘cost of living’ followed by ‘threats to democracy,’ ‘jobs and the economy’ and ‘immigration and the situation at the border.’

Even ‘climate change’ and ‘guns’ are more important issues to Latino voters than abortion, which ranked in seventh place in the poll.

The poll found that the majority of Latino voters – 54% – prefer Democrats to keep control of Congress as a result of the midterm elections, but that number is down five percentage points since October 2020 and down a whopping 13 points since the November 2018 midterms.

‘While Latinos continue to lean toward the Democratic Party and prefer Democratic control of Congress, Republicans have a higher share of the vote than we’ve measured previously,’ Aileen Cardona-Arroyo, who helped conduct the survey, told NBC News.

The poll also found that while 51% of Latino voters approve of President Biden’s overall job performance, only 42% approve of his handling of the border and only 41% approve of his job on the economy.

Latino voters also prefer Republicans over Democrats on their handling of the economy, border security and crime, the poll found. In contrast, Latino voters prefer Democrats on their handling of abortion, addressing concerns of the Hispanic community and ‘protecting democracy.’

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