Oregon Democrat repeatedly used N-word in book

FIRST ON FOX: An Oregon Democrat running for re-election to the state Senate repeatedly used the word ‘n—–‘ in a book he wrote.

Beaver State Senator Jeff Golden, a progressive Democrat, published ‘Watermelon Summer’ in 1971 about his experience spending a summer on a Georgia sharecropper farm.

Golden uses the word ‘n—–‘ several times in his ’70s summer memoir.

‘The Featherfield people are not as politicized as the Muslims, but that may make little or no difference to a white community that perceives the threat of a whole county of uppity n—–s,’ Golden wrote on page 20. ‘And, of course, the only things lower than uppity n—–s are n——lovers.’

‘It’s a minor act of defiance to demonstrate that the good-n—– requirement of a skullcap haircut is a thing of the past,’ Golden wrote on page 97.

On the next page, Golden wrote how the police visited him and his compatriots after hearing about a ‘barroom brawl involving a n——lovin’ white’ in town.

‘The Smithville police follow us most of the time we’re returning from town, and charged up here immediately last night when they heard about a barroom brawl involving a n—–lovin’ white in Americus,’ the Oregon Democrat state senator wrote on page 98.

Additionally, Golden makes comparisons in the book that appear to propagate racial tropes about Black people in the American South. 

‘Mrs. McDonald, a smiling, wrinkled woman who looks like a black Olive Oyl, is completely unintelligible to Matt and me,’ Golden wrote on page 42. ‘She drones out long, painful syllables that are all vowels and sound the same except for their length. Sort of a deep-throated Morse code.’

Golden is an unabashed progressive lawmaker who has suggested and pushed for controversial policies.

The Oregon Democrat also backed his party’s candidate for governor, former Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek, with his endorsement displayed on the bottom of the first page of her website’s endorsements section.

While he did not support a full-blown COVID-19 vaccine mandate, Golden did suggest at an October 2021 town hall meeting that hospitals prioritize intensive care treatment to patients vaccinated against the novel coronavirus over unvaccinated patients to make them consider getting vaccinated.

‘I’m not quite sure how that would be worked out, but that seems reasonable to me,’ Golden said at the time.

‘Jeff Golden’s words are despicable and should be condemned in the strongest possible terms,’ Republican State Leadership Committee spokesman Zach Kraft said in statement. ‘Jeff Golden owes voters a serious apology and every Democrat candidate for state Senate should condemn Jeff Golden’s shameful behavior.’

The Oregon Democrat voted for a controversial bill that puts menstrual products in schools’ boys’ bathrooms across the state.

Golden also voted for a bill implementing a ballot measure that decriminalized the possession of small amounts of drugs, including hard narcotics like methamphetamine and heroin.

Additionally, Golden secured $1 million from Oregon’s American Rescue Plan to buy land for a permanent homeless campground.

Golden’s book currently sits at a 3-star Amazon rating with a single review.

Neither Golden’s office nor Kotek’s campaign immediately responded to Fox News Digital’s requests for comment.

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