Billboards, newspaper ads from conservative group mock progressive ideals

An advocacy group with conservative ties is grabbing voters’ attention with a variety of billboards and newspaper ads mocking ideas supported by some progressives.

The group, known as Citizens for Sanity, has launched the messaging campaign in multiple battleground states.

The ads have featured phrases like ‘Help Charlie become Charlotte,’ ‘Mother Nature is Racist’ and ‘Violent Criminals Deserve Our Respect.’

‘The idea is to take some of these more insane things from the far woke left and just bluntly putting it out there,’ said Ian Prior, a strategic adviser with the group. Citizens for Sanity admitted the messages are meant to create a laugh or turn heads, but argued that the broad message may appeal to voters fed up with the status quo.

‘It really generates a reaction, I think people understand this really is crazy,’ added Prior. Among the markets being targeted: Atlanta, Philadelphia and Las Vegas.

The group is not disclosing its donors or how much money has been spent so far. Some of the ads have targeted specific Democrats who are trying to win over voters, including New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan, Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly.

The ad campaign has focused on lightning rod issues which have generated considerable buzz ahead of the midterm elections. Among the issues targeted: education, migrants and climate change. The campaign is one of many underway ahead of November’s midterm elections. 

Ad-Impact, a nonpartisan group measuring media spending, recently declared the 2022 midterms to be the most expensive in history.

‘The 2022 cycle has surpassed the 2020 cycle in Non-Presidential political ad spending,’ the group announced in a September tweet. Ad-Impact has estimated at least $6 billion has been spent on ads in this election cycle.

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