Republican lawmakers to introduce legislation to defund far-left DAs, soft-on-crime jurisdictions

A pair of GOP lawmakers plans to introduce legislation that would effectively defund certain jurisdictions that have implemented certain soft-on-crime policies. 

The Concerned Citizens Bill of Rights blocks Justice Department grants to jurisdictions that have, among other things, abolished cash-bail or failed to consider the criminal history and dangerousness of the defendant when setting money bail or any felony or violent misdemeanor offense. 

Under the law, states and localities would be required to report crime data to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). 

The bill comes amid a general pushback against the Defund the Police movement that critics say is responsible for an increase in crime over the last few years. 

Brought forth by Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., Sen. Roger Marshall’s, R-Ind., office said it would introduce an identical bill once the Senate comes back into session. 

In a statement provided to Fox News Digital, Marshall said ‘violence and disorder are sweeping the nation under President Joe Biden’s leadership.’ 

‘Kansans’ have seen the devastating consequences of the left’s soft-on-crime attitude and do not want that coming to our state,’ Senator Marshall said. ‘As the son of a police chief, who taught me to respect those who keep us safe, the coddling of criminals and demonization of our brave law enforcement officers is personal for me. It has gone on long enough.’  

He added that Americans ‘deserve to be safe and they deserve a government that prioritizes that safety above whatever progressive agenda is being hailed by woke radicals on the internet.’


Fox News Digital has reached out to Banks’ office for comment. 

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