Texas attorney general sues Biden admin over state’s ability to work with faith-based organizations

FIRST ON FOX: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration to ensure that the state can work with religious organizations in providing adoption and foster care services without compromising their religious beliefs.  

At issue is an Obama-era rule – known as the ‘SOGI Rule’ – which promulgates that recipients of federal funding related to foster care and adoption services could not discriminate based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and same-sex marriage. 

Through its Department of Family and Protective Services, Texas often works with faith-based organizations that provide foster and adoption services without compelling them to compromise on their religious beliefs. 

Texas filed an earlier lawsuit to strike down the SOGI Rule. An agreement was eventually reached whereby the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would enforce the rule, and it would eventually be repealed. However, the SOGI Rule remains in place under the Biden administration. 

Paxton’s office says the new lawsuit was filed to finally end the SOGI Rule so that Texas is not compelled by the federal government to discriminate against faith-based adoption and foster care services.


‘There are many vital religious institutions in Texas, and around the country, that can aid in making sure our children are protected and able to find good homes,’ Attorney General Paxton said in a statement. ‘The SOGI Rule would force them to either adopt a radical woke agenda or give up in their mission of helping children. That’s not right. It’s a disgrace that the Biden Administration is playing politics with our foster care and adoption services, and this lawsuit aims to put our children first and stand up for religious freedom.’  

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