Lauren Boebert calls to ‘take the temperature down,’ focus on policy after narrow midterm win

Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert called for the temperature in D.C. to go ‘down,’ noting that she is putting political bomb-throwing on the back burner in the GOP majority.

Boebert posted a video after her narrow win in the 2022 midterm elections following an automatic recount.

The GOP congresswoman told Fox News Digital that, while she will call out the ‘radical left,’ she will not be making that her ‘top focus.’

‘In the minority, all we have is our voice. Now in the majority, conservatives must deliver the policies we ran on,’ Boebert said in a Monday statement.

‘My strong voice for conservative values isn’t going anywhere,’ she continued. ‘I’ll always call out the radical left for the hypocrisy and lies, but in the majority, that can’t be my top focus.’

In her post, Boebert thanked supporters for voting her back into office and called for a political cool down in Washington.

‘Republicans have been entrusted with the majority and we must now prove we can take the temperature down in DC by leading not only with strength but grace,’ Boebert wrote.

The announcement comes after a midterm race that Boebert officially won following a recount.

Boebert’s opponent, Adam Frisch, a Democrat, conceded the election prior to the recount.

With her win, the Republican congresswoman is headed back to Washington for her second term.

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