NC Supreme Court rejects voter ID law, state electoral map, claiming ‘racially motivated purpose’

The Supreme Court of North Carolina struck down a 2018 voter ID law on Friday, claiming it discriminates against the state’s residents. 

The 2018 law, which requires residents to present identification before being able to vote, was previously deemed unconstitutional in 2021 by a lower state court. 

The state Supreme Court’s Friday ruling affirmed the lower court’s ruling that the policy ‘was motivated by a racially discriminatory purpose.’

The court also ruled that North Carolina’s state Senate map must be redrawn due to alleged Republican gerrymandering.

The two decisions were passed along party lines 4-3 with Democrats supporting and Republicans dissenting. 

The North Carolina Supreme Court is set for a massive upheaval in the new year. Beginning in January, the court will consist of five Republicans and two Democrats.

Two-thirds of U.S. states require some form of identification to vote, although not all mandated a photo ID. 

Democrats argue that such requirements are meant to tamp down voter turnout by minorities and others who are more likely to not have appropriate ID and tend to vote for the party.

Fox News’ Julia Musto contributed to this report.

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