Entrepreneurs see regular breaks as vital to success, but pressures mean many miss out 

New research from American Express shows that the UK’s small business leaders recognise the importance of frequent breaks and downtime to the success of their business and a healthy work-life balance – but day-to-day pressures mean many are struggling to carve out the time.

A clear majority agree that regular time off from work is important for their wellbeing, while a similar number believe that activities or interests outside of work are vital to help them unwind and disconnect. Two thirds would like to discover a new interest or hobby if time allowed.

However, the reality is that some entrepreneurs struggle to achieve this. Almost half admit feeling guilty about not spending enough time with family or friends and one third say that they stopped their hobby when they started running their own business.

The survey also found that almost eight in 10 agree regular breaks are important to being a good leader and over half think they and their business would benefit from more time away from the workplace – a five percentage point increase compared to last year’s research.

Amanda Salt, Vice President, Small & Medium Enterprises, UK Card Services at American Express, said: “It’s encouraging that our research found a majority of small business leaders recognise the widespread benefits of downtime – whether that’s enjoying a favourite hobby or taking a personal trip. Meaningful time away from work is essential so they can switch off, recharge and find fulfilment away from day-to-day pressures. Our focus is on supporting entrepreneurs as they grow their business through rewards that give them more choice in how they achieve a healthy work-life balance.”

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Entrepreneurs see regular breaks as vital to success, but pressures mean many miss out