Pressure builds on Mexican government following military’s seizure of US company’s property: ‘Unacceptable’

FIRST ON FOX: Pressure is continuing to build on the Mexican government over its military’s seizure of American company property in its eastern state of Quintana Roo earlier this month.

The entire bipartisan Alabama congressional delegation is uniting in support of Vulcan Materials, a Birmingham-based company, demanding the government immediately withdraw its troops.

In a Wednesday letter to Mexican Ambassador Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, Alabama Reps. Gary Palmer, R, Terri Sewell, D, Robert Aderholt, R, Barry Moore, R, Jerry Carl, R, Dale Strong, R, and Mike Rogers, R, along with Sens. Katie Britt, R, and Tommy Tuberville, R, called the Mexican military’s entry onto Vulcan’s property ‘unlawful,’ and requested he meet with the delegation for an explanation.

‘While these events on their own are concerning enough, it seems that this is just the latest in a pattern of the Mexican government ignoring the rule of law,’ the lawmakers wrote in the letter, describing numerous instances they said the Mexican government had harassed the company prior to the seizure.

‘With Vulcan’s headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, we write to request the military presence from Vulcan’s property be immediately withdrawn and that you schedule a meeting with our delegation to discuss these troubling events,’ they added.

Palmer, who is leading the delegation’s effort, said in a statement following the letter being sent to Moctezuma that once the situation is resolved, they would need assurances a similar situation wouldn’t occur in the future.

‘This action by the Mexican military is unprovoked and unacceptable,’ he said. ‘The Mexican government needs to immediately recall their troops from Vulcan Materials’ port and ensure it will not happen again. 

‘The Alabama delegation and I have requested a meeting with the Mexican Ambassador, preferably at the earliest possible time. I look forward to receiving a prompt response from Ambassador Esteban Moctezuma,’ he added.

According to Vulcan, the largest producer of construction aggregates in the U.S., members of the Mexican navy, local state police, along with federal investigators, entered the quarry just south of Playa del Carmen in Mexico’s Quintana Roo state in the early morning hours of March 14 and has remained since.

The company said the seizure was likely due to the breakdown of contract negotiations between it and CEMEX, a Mexican materials company with which it had previously provided services, and ongoing tensions with the Mexican government over its mining operations.

The State Department told Fox News Digital on Tuesday that it was concerned about the seizure, and warned of the potential impacts such action could have on trade and future economic opportunities for Mexico. The Department added that it, as well as the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, were actively engaged in the situation with the Mexican government.

Moctezuma’s office did not respond to Fox’s request for comment concerning the seizure.

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