British Steel Secures Multimillion-Pound Contract for Egyptian Rail Project

British Steel has announced that it has won a significant multimillion-pound contract to supply rail for a new railway project in North Africa.

The contract involves providing approximately 9,500 tonnes of track, manufactured in Scunthorpe, for Egypt’s inaugural fully electrified mainline and freight network, spanning from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean.

The extensive network covers a distance of 410 miles (660km) and is designed to accommodate both passenger and freight trains, with a maximum speed capability of 155mph. This project marks a substantial advancement in Egypt’s transportation infrastructure.

Jérôme Bonef, British Steel’s commercial export manager for rail, expressed the company’s delight at being awarded this contract and emphasized their commitment to contributing to such a transformative initiative. He highlighted British Steel’s reputation for delivering value-driven solutions, facilitating seamless transactions, and ensuring timely deliveries with uncompromising quality.

The contract involves multiple suppliers, with British Steel playing a pivotal role in supplying rail for this ambitious project. The company plans to transport two shipments of rail to the north Egyptian port of Alexandria, scheduled for this month and June respectively.

This contract underscores British Steel’s position as a leading provider of rail solutions globally and its commitment to supporting infrastructure development projects worldwide.

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British Steel Secures Multimillion-Pound Contract for Egyptian Rail Project